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That is the final nail in the coffin…

27 Jul

Well finally we got the confirmation from the actress herself. Kristen admitted to being in love with her girlfriend. She said she is happy. She wanted to confirm this because she said it made it feel real and not like characters in a comic book being trivialized. Good for her. I bet she was tired of HKN, AKA the F&cking liar, posting pictures of some one else’s children, oh and that she is pregnant for the third freaking time.

We all knew the time would come when HKN and her basement dwelling cousin would be exposed for the lying, deviant rodents they are. I can’t wait to see her next post to try and calm the river of tears that will flood the streets from her roommates at the asylum.

For now, I am happy Kristen found her happy place and Rob is with the love of his life. Maybe, just maybe the hags will now relinquish their computer time at the asylum and start taking their meds.


Hi from Paris

29 Mar

I know, I know it has been a while since I posted. I am sorry that I actually have a life that gets in the way sometimes unlike my haggy counterpart. She just has a basement and cobwebs to worry about.

Well I had the unpleasant misfortune of reading her last post, I stopped at dipshidiots because I didn’t have enough bleach on hand for my brain. Plus, I will never get back those two seconds of my life again.

All I can see is Kristen is very happy, I mean very very happy with Soko, maybe a little too happy, but hey whatever floats her boat right? I feel bad for Alicia, but maybe it was a mutual break up.

Next, Rob flew to London, his other home, to be with his fiancé for Easter and went out on the town to eat and do things normal couples do. To say any of those sightings were photo-shopped are just stupid and plain moronic. The photo-shop argument isn’t even logical anymore, it’s not a conspiracy people, there are other more important things to worry about than Rob eating dinner with his fiancé.

On another note, to say that Kristen is with Soko to throw off the paps to protect her non existent children and spouse is just asinine, who does that? And where are these so called children? Do they get to go out in the sunlight? Play with other kids? Go to preschool? The poor little darlings, God bless their little hearts.

I think we should all just get along and enjoy these two very different couples hahaha.

F Yeah Oops