29 Sep

Oh my, Rob and Twigs seem to have gotten a dog or they just find joy in walking other people’s pets. Who knows, maybe Rob took up pet sitting since his supposed “manager” position is coming to an end.

I thought a picture or tweet must have come out since I heard the shrieks of a wicked witch dying under the weight of a flying house. HKN’s denial could be heard from round the world. “What about the dog ear!” “It’s photo shopped!” “My cuz said Rob and Kristen are fine, and Sweet Pea and Little Pea are happy as ever!” Yeah, yeah, yeah and pigs wear makeup and can fly.

I find it adorable that in between his and her busy schedule, they find time for a normal walk with their dog. Just a normal working couple spending free time together.

Until next time my friends, for now let’s enjoy the happiness this couple elates.

Isle of Crushed Dreams

12 Sep

The lunatics are out in full force this morning. Rob is on the IOW with his girl and good friends. You would have thought someone was torturing these idiots with the way they are carrying on. This for example:

“Thanks for fucking up the last thing we had”

If that is the last thing you had in life, you need to get a new one, because that is just pathetic.

I thought they didn’t believe in tabloid garbage. But they put all their eggs in one basket when they believed Rob and Twigs broke up their engagement. Now they are left with egg on their faces.

If I learned anything all these years, Rob will do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants. He is finally getting to live a normal life, which he very much deserves.

Oh, just to have a little more fun and watch more of the epic break downs, nice ring Twigs;)

Is it over?

5 Sep

Does it matter? We know that they were together 3 weeks ago and she was wearing his ring. She is staying at his house in LA. But whatever is happening or not happening is no ones business but their own. Neither of their reps have confirmed anything, but I wouldn’t expect them to. Time will tell if there is a wedding or not. All we know is they are still together at this point.

However this will bring out the HKN freaks LMAO. They will claim the contract is up, he is going back to live with his fake wife and make believe babies haha. We all know that ship has sailed years ago and it won’t be resurrected. Kristen moved on with her life and Rob is working, which is the most important news for Rob fans all over.

I hope whatever happens, Rob and T are happy. I also hope that HKN flies off on her broom stick.

Rob and his Mum

17 Jul

I know, I know, I have been MIA for a long time. Just because I haven’t posted doesn’t mean I am not following along;) It also doesn’t mean that I don’t still find HKN and her granny hagdom appalling! I was hoping I would one day open twitter and find that there was a tornado that lifted HKN and her rodents, and placed them in the insane asylum. There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.

Putting that old hag on the back burner, did you see Rob and his Mum? It brings all the feels. The greatest thing was, the support Claire showed by showing up to where Twigs premiered her Soundtrack 7 performance at the Manchester International Music Festival. Coincidence? I think not. Rob has a very supportive family and group of friends, unlike some of his bandwagon fans that think he owes them an explanation for his every move. *rolls eyes*

I am sure Claire was just supporting her son’s business “investment.”

Jack What?

Can’t believe this is still a topic

20 Jun

Kristen’s mom supposedly outed her sexual preferences to a reporter. She allegedly said she met her daughter’s girlfriend and thinks she is a nice girl. She went on to say that she accepts the choices her daughter has made. If Kristen likes men and/or women that seems ok with Jules. I think it is stupid that her fans are even debating this. I thought Kristen was bi long ago. Her fans are so fcked up that they are hounding the reporter and Jules. WHAT BUSINESS IS IT OF THOSE PSYCHOS ANYWAY??? If they can’t accept that Bella is bi and Edward went to play in someone else’s pastures, move on to another couple and make delusional stories up about imaginary babies and marriages. It really is a no brainer.

The bashing on Rob because he did not live out their demented fantasies, just needs to stop. Rob is a big boy and can make his own decisions. He doesn’t need some bat shit crazy fans letting him know what a big mistake he is making in his life choices. Personally he doesn’t give a flying fck what they think, so all this time they squawk and run around like a chicken without a head, he just goes on with his happy life.

I heard from a little birdie that a certain granny psycho, copied and pasted my post and called me out. I would have to give a few fcks for this to bother me, so I say, “POST THIS U LUNATIC”

Oh no, another “cuz” update?

8 Jun

Let’s take wagers on what the “cuz” said this time. I am dying to hear about the plants because those poor little things have me worried to death.

HKN and bunny hopper, have started another site. I guess all that publicity pointing out how crazy, stupid and unintelligent she is got the best of her. Or maybe she needed her own little “basement” on the internet, where her equally naïve and idiotic followers can talk about unicorns flying and UFO’s landing in the middle of Times Square.

Whatever her reasoning, she is still bat shit crazy, Rob is still engaged to T and K still hasn’t given birth to her first vampire minion. In fact K was with her “friend” at the guitar shop. She looks amazing for someone who performed a miracle and gave birth to two babies in 16 months. I need to smoke what she is.

So let’s have some fun with this bit of craziness, why not, it’s summer time!!!

Flying high

23 May

It is so cute to see Rob and T in the airport together, not using separate exits, different flights, all to try and hide the epic love. The socks are…different HAHA but it is worn in only the way Rob can;)

It seems their time in NY was surrounded by friends and family. Between the Red Nose event and T’s amazing performance (Rob bopping his head to his lady’s music) and the reappearance of the Brit pack! The last few days have been filled with so many goodies.

To us sane people we see the normalcy of this couple, however, HKN felt obligated to post another insane, unintelligent blog post. Personally I could careless if the psycho posts, but my readers care, and I care about what they want. A journalist wrote about how crazy she and her cult following are. It’s nice when others validate you regarding someone’s lack of reality. I heard she blew up over it. All I can do is laugh. She at one point called me the joke of the internet? Um I am not the one that have journalists asking to evaluate my sanity. I don’t write about fake contracts, babies, marriages and rings. On that note, hey T that is a gorgeous ring you wear everyday *wink* *wink*

After dueling it out with HKN, do you think the reporter thought this:

Met Gala 2015

5 May

I can see it, can you? He looks bored, can not wait for this management position to end, he is thinking about his wifey. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

I am sorry haters and loser RobstEND fans, in the 64829384629 years you claim he was with your queen, HE NEVER WALKED A RED CARPET WITH HER, AT EVENTS LIKE THIS! In fact, he never went to the Met Gala with Snowy. I know, I know he is protecting his wife and imaginary SP1 with an equally fake SP2 on the way. SRWN swears K is pregnant. Unless she is carrying it in her ass, the recent pictures of her in Korea show a very thin K. She must be the luckiest pregnant woman ever, to never gain an ounce of fat while being pregnant.

Truly I don’t get the stupidity, and the need to hold onto a couple that is clearly over, but then again my IQ is much greater than 10;) And I don’t live in a basement in OH, typing away on my ageless computer.

Whatever those crazies say, one thing is clear, Rob is proud to be with T and she him. They don’t care what others think. I can’t wait for the excuses when/if Rob marries T and commits bigamy to protect his fake family. Wonder if they will consummate the marriage, is that in the contract?:)

The Ring

3 May

The speculation of, is it or isn’t it a diamond engagement ring makes me giggle. I thought I would give my humble opinion. I don’t know if it is or isn’t, but I see a couple in love and enjoying each others company. No bitch faces, late night gas station kit kat runs or wrist holding. If RobstEND fans can’t accept that, well then they should move on to another PR couple they can examine for blurry rings, fake baby wind movement or clothes sharing. This ship has sailed, and are excepting no more passengers.

Kristen is heading…..somewhere;) there is no fake baby number two. No husband waiting in the wings for her safe return. It is all just BS being fed to unsuspecting naïve fans that want to believe in a liar.

The best twitlonger I have seen in a long time, was on twitter the other day. Marie Claire had a picture of Twigs and referring to her as the future Mrs. Pattinson. This “crazy” sent a twitlonger to the magazine expressing how disappointed she was in this magazine reporting on all the lies the tabloids are trying to sell. Marie Claire was supposedly this person’s last hope at journalism. Didn’t those psychos get all their info from those same lying tabloids and used it as proof of R and K’s true love? Yea I thought so.

Lord is Testing Me

Tru Wuv

20 Apr

It has come to my attention that I made the hags blog post. Nothing she says or does is intelligent, so I won’t even address her stupidness. I will say that, as far as the blogger who is the biggest joke on the internet…Hands down the crown goes to HKN. May she wear it with pride and joy;)

The fact her hagdom keep looking for signs of true love between two people who called it quits 3 years ago, proves my claim. They are batshit crazy! I know IT believes she struck a nerve with me, but one would have to care about the other for that to happen. Honestly I don’t give her existence a thought.

So lets prove our theory. This is Rob and T at the gym. They look happy and don’t have a care in the world:

image host

Photo compliments of RPlife.

And the other happy couple:

article picture

Photo compliments of

Case closed……