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For those…

4 Nov

Morons that think I closed this blog, guess what? I DIDN’T! It was just a domain change and nothing more. No secret conspiracy or birthing of imaginary babies. What do I expect from the soulless witches on that “other” hag site? The ones that went after and harassed a charity organization. For real? Who does that? I had to stop myself from wanting to bitch slap anyone who dared to turn a couple that is clearly charitable into some demonic secret plan to destroy the world. I just can’t with them anymore.

OHHHHHH is that Rob and his lady love at the MOBO awards??? No way I bet it is photo shopped or the contract was extended HAHAHAHA. Soooooo anyone else think it is normal and cute to support the one you love? Yep, I do, what a hot and happy couple!

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Photo compliments of FIRSTLOOK.

Someone’s got egg on her face for all the lies she has told Mwahhhhhhh

Still waiting….

15 Dec

Didn’t the psycho loser HKN go see her “cuz” like a week ago? It was going to make us hater’s all shit in our boots. We were going to stop at the nearest McDonald’s and clean them out of Happy meals and diet coke. This was going to be the most epic of epicness post she has done to date.

Sooooo where is it? Why is she keeping this juicy gossip to herself? Could it be because she is so FOS she doesn’t know her ass from her elbow? Or the fact that Rob and Twigs were furniture shopping. No wait maybe it is because we got a picture of Twigs wrapped tightly around Rob, her boyfriend, similar to how Rupert’s lips were wrapped around Plank’s……….yea anyway.

Rob and Twigs have shown more honest PDA, than Rob and the Ho in 5 long grueling years. I am sorry sheep can not accept this and we are all drowning in a river of their tears. Actually I am not sorry for idiots that believed RobstEND was Edward and Bella and would live an eternal happy life forever and ever.

Just waiting for Christmas and NYE when Rob and Twigs spend it together. What will be the excuse then? They are shopping for baby’s first Christmas??? RME

Javert No

Weekly update!

10 Dec

I can’t even go MIA for a few days without HKN looking into her magic eight ball and spewing BS that is completely off the wall. FFS she met with the imaginary cousin again? So did Tinker Bell spread pixie dust on her toad like cousin and finally give her a brain and common sense. No? I didn’t think so. I won’t even go to that hateful hags blog and see what the fake weekend get away, complete with a glass of crazy and ounce of psycho, makes up. It is just so pathetic, I want to send her a prescription for “here’s what to take when you are bat shit crazy”.

Then the hag SRWN, oh dear Lord, baby number 2 is possibly on the way??? Has anyone got past the lie and BS of imaginary SP 1.0? So no one believed baby number 1 so let’s throw in babygate 2.0. They are so far into their delusions, they don’t know their ass from their elbow. The truly pathetic part, there are actual people who believe this bull shit!

Please tell me when baby number 2 could have been conceived? While Rob was touring the world with his real girlfriend, Twigs, was the Ho in the bathroom with a turkey baster, squirting it up? Ewwww even I can not get that visual out of my head, someone please pass the bleach.

Rob was just in Miami soaking up the sun with is lady love and enjoying her performances, probably in and out of the bedroom;) Hey she needs to practice those gymnastic moves on someone right?:) Twigs is in Brazil and Rob probably back in LA waiting for her to come back so they can then be together for the holidays, wherever they chose to spend it.

So fuck HKN and SRWN, they are pathetic losers stirring up BS from their rat infested dungeons…


Breaking Crazy

27 Jul

I had the unfortunate privilege to read HKN’s delusional blog post. FFS for the life of me I have never, ever seen someone that crazy and detached with reality. It is scary that crazy like that live amongst us *shudders*. Well let’s get right to it and break down her delusional fanfiction shall we?


Yep Kristen and Rob still have a baby. Did you think that would change? No they are not bad parents because they don’t spend 24/7 together. They spend plenty of time as a family that we don’t know about. Ashton Kutcher goes off to Brazil with out his pregnant girlfriend and of course that’s different. Right? Funny how the fandom pregnancy police have no response when you ask them about this.
Don’t you all wish you had parents like Rob and Plank? I mean your mom would be a pot smoking, butch dressing, finger flipping role model and your dad would never see you because he would be out living his life with his friends. Yes this is my dream set parents RME. I think HKN’s faux non existent cousin should realize one must sleep together and be together in order to make a baby, they both may have missed that day of family life 101. Being a 70 year old virgin probably doesn’t help either;)
Oh by the way cuz says pink flamingos were definitely a clue lol.  
I can’t stop f&cking laughing at this one, yes I think Rob or Plank’s ffriends care what these psycho’s think so they send them secret messages through instagram, GTFO that is just bat shit crazy and please check yourself into an asylum ASAP worthy.
 As far as diaper (or nappies as Rob calls them) duties go she said Rob is up for changing a number one but if it’s number two he runs for the hills lol.
WTAF is she 2? Number 1 and number 2? Is her “cuz” right there with the super uber private couple during precious diaper changes? I just can’t….
I poured the cuz a little more Grey Goose and asked her the marriage question. Are they? Aren’t they? or somewhere in between? (Engaged?)
Yes they are married! She would not say when or where they got married (she did say no not in L.A). Woot! This is the first time I’ve got her to confirm anything about them being married.
This is the first time she got her to confirm about marriage because it is a fantasy in her messed up f&cking mind. I believe this as much as I believe in grandma got rain over by a reindeer walking home from my house Christmas Eve!
She also said yes Kristen was in L.A on Rob’s birthday. Taco stand she’s pretty sure on but doesn’t want to say 100 percent. July 4th is a definite yes. The other pool party she has no clue on. She may not have a clue on the other pool party but here’s  a little clue….
This is the best of the whole fairy tale. “Cuz” knows about the baby changing 1 and 2’s, the marriage but she doesn’t know if they were at a simple Taco stand 😯 Oh it gets better she has no idea about the pool party either. Now she just looks like a stupid mother f&cking moron looking for attention from stupid ignorant people!
Her message to us is this. Have a little faith in what Rob and Kristen have together. Just because you don’t see daily pics of them together like other celebrities who WANT to sell their relationship to the tabs  doesn’t mean their relationship doesn’t exist. It most certainly does. 

 AKA Yes morons believe her because she is Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy all wrapped up into one f&cking crazy a$$ package that needs to be signed, sealed and delivered to the nut house!
It goes on and on about how Oliver Assayas didn’t say what he said about the break up and us dipshidiots misinterpreted his words. What?? How the hell do you misinterpret “after the recent break up?”
Having an idiotic explanation or excuse for everything that is reported doesn’t make you an insider, it makes you sad, pathetic, in need of a good lay and a life of your own. Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one you dipshidiot. But I don’t mind her looking like the pathetic crazy fool she is, I get much wanted writing material which in turn gets me more hits than her pathetic ass.
Here is another clue you f&cking moron, a stork brings a baby not a damn flamingo! But wait I think I spot sweet pea, can you? 😉
*thanks arg xx oo
Anyone have this same vision I have of what HKN looks like:

I see it!!!!!!!

19 Mar

No I really don’t, but got your attention right? So here is KBoo wondering around NY today, brought to you by Just jared

kristen stewart strong confident woman shailene woodley 05

Okay she may look tired from possibly partying too hard the night before or maybe…..I got nothing. But no pregnant woman would wear a shirt that shows her 8 month pregnant belly! She is not in maternity jeans! Is she carrying the second coming or something because HKN is a mental biotch with no life if she sees a baby elephant kicking in the womb. Speaking of HKN, SHE WON THE POLL FOR CRAZIEST SHEEP OF THEM ALL. It was a land slide with 71 percent of the votes 😯 Don’t worry about poor Windy and SRWN we will have a runners up prize for them, it is the book “what to expect when you are expecting” since clearly they didn’t read it the first time 😉

Here is some advice for sheep, jump off the ship and into the life raft of Sheo, you will get 5 more years to live in your fantasy world with fake babies, bubbles of epic love, doggate, clothesgate and much Continue reading